The Skye Exhibition 2020

An Online Show

25th July to 5th September 2020

Showing my island paintings at this remote gallery at Isle Ornsay in this most beautiful location on Skye has been quite an institution.
This would have been my 29th year manning the show, but due to Covid-19 restrictions my exhibition sadly did not go ahead at the gallery.
However, it went ahead online! As always, it includes large dramatic landscape paintings, Skye and island locations, and charming small paintings available directly and exclusively from me. You can also buy prints online in my Shop, which includes some new prints that have been produced for this year.
The exhibition can be viewed below. If you wish to discuss or reserve a painting, please contact me by email, or phone 01360 620 830 or 07715 015 752.
If I am out of signal, call me using WhatsApp.

Own an Original Pam Carter Isle of Skye Painting


About The Skye Exhibition

From exhibiting in London in 1990, to a chance meeting with the sculptor Laurence Broderick, to showing my Isle of Skye paintings at this remote gallery in this most beautiful location in Skye has changed my life.
I was invited by the late Sir Ian Noble and his wife Lady Lucy Noble to exhibit at An Talla Dearg. It did not command a huge passing trade in the early days, but the few visitors who stumbled upon it were captivated by their find of a vibrant city exhibition “in the middle of nowhere”. Nowadays it is easier to find with the help of signs and advertising! Visitors often returning to the Island make a purposeful trip to see the exhibition, some come in by boat as the gallery overlooks a small harbour and pier: even Royal visitors have found their way to the gallery!
This annual exhibition is at the centre of my year. I do have several solo shows a year throughout Scotland and England but it is this show that kick starts my inspiration, my body of work, my source and ideas for the rest of the year.